• Otok Ugljan
  • July – August 2016
  • Finished project, digital prints & photos presented

I started Project Towning in March 2013.
Driving Zagreb bike in the fall of 2012, after the decision that I will only use the car in the necessity, I decided to detail in an open-ended period to meet Zagreb and the surrounding countryside. I do not plan the day according to the law to ride a bicycle in a certain area, but the daily drive for personal transport between locations, sometimes for fun, and when this condition to allow random visit unfamiliar parts of the city. Of course I plan to take advantage of every sunny Sunday.

All my cycling since March 2013 were followed by a GPS device and plotted on a map, so that a range of a few hundred city driving routes on the map, make an interesting network, "bloodstream" of my movement. Clearly there is a difference between where I go often and those in which I find myself less often. I'm so in 2013 cycling more than 2200 km and 2014, about 3500 km.

The individual routes taken to GoogleEarth, and presented in a large format printing illustrate the emergence unevenly filled town plan, or "bloodstream" which talks about me, my movements, duties, character...

Davor Preis

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